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How many point of sale terminals do I need?

The first thing to consider when thinking about the number of stations for your Retail Point of Sale System is how many lanes or checkout stations you will have open at peak hours in peak seasons. The rule of thumb is one Terminal per 1-2 cashiers. We understand that each Retail Store has their own unique needs, so give us a call for a free consultation! (606) 789-9326

Do I need to have a Back Office system?

We are often asked this question and it depends on a number of factors and is really a personal preference. But as a general rule if you are planning to have 4 or more POS Stations or if you are interested in having a dedicated station to run reports, create invoices and purchase orders, check inventory levels without interfering with your cashiers, then you should consider adding a Back Office Computer. A Back Office Computer can act as a server that hosts the database of the other Terminals, thus taking some of the load off of and speeding up the response time of the other Stations in the store. And, of course, the Back Office Computer does not need a PIN Pad, Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, etc. so it costs less than a typical POS Station. Remember that you will need to add an additional software license though!

What type of Computer should I buy?

It depends on your available space, storage needs and personal preference. We are authorized resellers for a number of hardware companies and will work with you to find the perfect match for your needs.

Can I use my existing computer and monitor?

Yes, in many instances. You can click here for the system requirements for the Intuit Point of Sale or one of our IT staff will be more than happy to log onto your existing system and let you know.

Should I purchase a touchscreen?

 A Touchscreen can eliminate the need for a mouse and keyboard, thus saving you valuable counter space and helping speed cashier transactions. If you decide a Touchscreen is right for your business, this may be an area to consider further upgrading to a larger screen size. Our standard 15" Touchscreens are great for those budget conscious customers, but the 17" and 21" upgrades are typically viewed as money very well spent. The size of a Touchscreen is more important than that of a typical PC monitor because the larger the screen size, the less error prone the ordering process tends to be. The Touchscreen interface basically works like a large mouse, where your finger is the pointer, so it goes without saying that the larger the screen, the easier it is for the cashier to press the right buttons when they're in a hurry. Of all of the upgrades we offer, our customers that decide to utilize a touchscreen of appreciate the larger screen size the most!

Should I backup Data?

 Since you'll be running all of your important business transaction through your new Point of Sale System, you'll want to be sure you have all of the data backed up. We offer very high quality 500 GB Hard Disk Drives as well as pocket Flash Drives so you can rest assured your data is safe. We will set up your POS to back up each night.

Should I run credit cards through my point of sale system?

 There are two options, 1) Integrated Credit Card Processing, and 2) Non-Integrated Credit Card Processing. Integrated Credit Card processing allows your POS System to interact directly with your credit card terminal, thus saving time and helping to consolidate all of your transaction records into one convenient location. This requires the purchase of a card reader (included in all of our bundles). Non-Integrated Credit Card Processing means that you will process Credit Cards through a stand-alone terminal that is separate from your POS System. You will then need to reconcile your transactions with your POS System at the end of the day since the two are no longer linked. Processing this way requires extra work and opens you up to human error.

Do I need to purchase a PIN Pads?

 Because most debit cards can be entered into the Point of Sale System as a credit card (assuming it has a VISA or MasterCard logo), PIN Pads are one of the most overlooked, yet in many circumstances one of the most valuable items you can add to you Retail POS System. By adding PIN Pads to your store, you allow your customers to pay with Debit Cards in a more secure way - by entering their secure PIN number. When using a PIN Pad the processing fee is considerably cheaper than traditional credit cards. Many retailers tell us that the savings paid for the pin paid in just a couple months.

Do I need a Pole Displays?

 Many retailers like to add pole displays to their Retail Point of Sale Systems so that customers can see the names of the items and prices as they are being rung up. This is a pretty straightforward option, so it's up to you!

Should I add a Battery Backup?

 A Battery Backup is strongly recommended for all POS Terminals - but especially for those that act as the server. If your power goes out, our Battery Backups will buy you time (about 20 minutes on average) to fully back up your database prior to losing power. For the low cost ($70-$150) of a Battery Backup, you could potentially avert a very messy situation resulting from data loss.