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I can't tell you how much we are enjoying our new computer system. I put this decision off for years because I knew I couldn't make the transition without great support. The price of all the systems I had reviewed over the years was also a stumbling block. When I found Shawn and MSA it seemed like the perfect solution. The system was very well priced and the customer support was excellent! Thank you Shawn for bringing us into the new century!

Peggys Gifts

Peggy Queen

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the set up service you provided for the POS system. I can't imagine trying to do that myself. You were very knowledgeable and courteous and helpful. Thank you so much for providing that additional service. I highly valued it.”

Spring Sweet Gift Shop

“QuickBooks Point of Sale is a phenomenal tool for merchants. It really is. It captures everything: your sales, profits, losses, cash balances, inventory, receipts… I can’t imagine what else a merchant would want it to do.”

Lynne Kloss, Owner
Mystic Sea

“Coming from years of experience in the retail industry, we knew exactly what we needed to run a successful business… We decided to start using QuickBooks solutions. After several weeks, I was in love. It was so nice having out information at our fingertips.

Lauren Appleby


You all been so wonderful about everything. I can not wait to incorporate Merchant Solutions Authority into my business. It is people like youthat keep people and businesses like ours moving forward with exciting new products and technology that is needed in this day and age. I am so looking forward to watching my business grow due to the reports, inventory control, customer histories, transferring data to QuickBooks, importing files with Excel, and so much more that I know I will learn as I go.  I believe I will find a wealth of knowledge about my business, through using Merchant Solutions Authority.

I can not say thank you enough for "all" you have done.

Cathy Hergenreder