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Are you and independent retailer spending too much time dealing with inventory rather than customers?

Does this sound familiar—spending hours counting inventory and reordering product when needed, making phone calls to suppliers to ensure timely delivery – It is easy to lose track of the details.    If you do not get this right, the risks are sizeable:  Running out of bestsellers, forcing customers to shop elsewhere; Overstocking slow-movers, costing money.  And perhaps the biggest risk of all - You lose the enjoyment of being in business for yourself.   All too often, the behind-the scenes details get in the way of doing what you love — and that’s why you opened your store in the first place.

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)really pays off.  It tracks inventory, improves customer service, increases profits, and much more.  Most of all, it will put you back in front of your customers and give you back the joy of connecting them to the products you love.

Merchant Solutions Authorityis focused on business solutions for retailers. We are proven and trusted advisors to retailers across the country.  We specialize in business tools and methodologies for independent retailers – single store operations; small to medium sized chains.

Why we are Different: We have over 50+ years of experience in independent and specialty retail – we know your passion and we understand your business.  We uniquely combine our retail and product experience with business expertise to simplify your operations and enhance your profitability.