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Technical Support

Merchant Solutions Authority is a full service business solutions provider. As part of that service we know that our retailers need technical support. We offer the option to purchase technical support and training (based in the U.S.) with all our products to assist in their set-up and proper operation.

Additionally, we know that many retailers occasionally require on-demand tech-support to solve specific challenges with equipment, trouble-shooting or staff training. Beyond the original set-up, we can provide support in two manners:

  • On-Demand (Phone/Internet): Our technical support team will arrange to work with you or your staff directly over the phone/internet to solve your problems and get you running. Cost: $80 hour. Click here to schedule support.
  • On-Demand (In Person/On-Site): When required, your situation may require on-site expertise to get you running. Most often we will make a recommendation for you to connect with a local computer/internet expert, and we will connect with them as required to get our software running.
  • Monthly / Yearly Tech-Support Contract: Many retailers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an on-going contract for technical support. For some this peace of mind is most critical in the first 3-4 months following the installation of new business solutions tools; for others this is year-round. Cost: $90 month; $995 year.

We're here to answer your questions, help you resolve issues, and get you back to business fast.

  • Get answers to questions about your QuickBooks Point of Sale software, QuickBooks financial software and Point of Sale hardware from a single source.
  • Expert assistance available 7 days a week(After hours charges may apply). Submit a question via email or call us from anywhere in the U.S