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Working with Retailers; Finding Solutions

Financing & Leasing

Business Solutions need to be logical, affordable and able to fit into business planning of the enterprise. As a necessary expense to the retailer, it is a goal of Merchant Solutions Authority to clearly articulate all product costs and to guide our clients to the most beneficial use of their resources.

Specifically for Business Products we offer three alternatives for consideration:

  1. Out-Right Purchase. At Merchant Solutions Authority we accept all major credit cards.
  2. Financing. Merchant Solutions Authority will offer up to 36 month financing to qualified retailers for all bundle and support purchases.
  3. Leasing. You may prefer to lease. Merchant Solutions Authority partners with Marlin leasing to make this an option for consideration.

Marlin credit application

Leasing information from Marlin




Your Merchant Solutions Authority advisor will assist to guide you to the best path for your situation and budget.